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Physical Count Fix


Good Evening,

LINQ has pushed a hotfix to the TITAN platform to fix the 500 error when posting month-end inventory physical counts. Before processing new inventory transactions, please post your August physical counts. The following are the types of inventory transactions that impact counts and should not be processed until physical counts have been updated:

• Creating any Ordering Guides based on Planned Menus
• Processing any Inventory Deductions from Production Sheets
• Processing Item Receipts from Vendors
• Processing Warehouse Transfers
• Posting any Item Adjustments

If you receive errors when attempting to post records, please contact us at support@titank12.com, or (844) 467-4700.

Again, we are sorry for the difficulty that this issue has caused your team. We understand the importance of accurate month-end inventory and the timeliness of this fix.


TITAN Support